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Innovating for a Healthier, Greener Tomorrow

Our journey

At MedTekk, our story is rooted in a commitment to revolutionize the wet wipe industry through sustainable innovation. Born from the vision of our CEO, Travis Kramer, MedTekk emerged as a response to a critical environmental challenge: the overwhelming use of single-use plastics in sanitation. With a rich background in entrepreneurship and a passion for eco-friendly solutions, Travis led the charge in transforming how we approach everyday sanitation needs. MedTekk's journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to replace traditional, plastic-based disinfectant wipes with sustainable alternatives without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Our value

Our core product, Reva, embodies our mission to offer sustainable sanitation solutions. Unlike conventional wipes, Reva wipes are crafted from cellulose, sourced from sustainable materials, ensuring a significantly reduced environmental footprint. This innovation not only addresses the urgent need to reduce plastic waste but also presents a cost-effective solution for our customers. At MedTekk, we believe that sustainability and affordability should go hand in hand. Our operations, led by Bryan Dowd, a seasoned expert in efficient and eco-friendly practices, ensure that every aspect of our product, from design to delivery, aligns with our ethos of environmental responsibility and superior quality.

Our vision for the future

Looking ahead, MedTekk is more than just a brand; we are a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future. We envision a world where every product we use, contributes positively to our planet's health. Our commitment extends beyond our products; it's a call to action for individuals and businesses alike to join us in this crucial movement. Together, we can redefine standards, making eco-conscious choices the norm, not the exception. Join us on this journey to a cleaner, greener, and healthier world.

Our team

travis kramer

CEO, MedTekk Inc.

Travis Kramer is the dynamic CEO of MedTekk Inc., a company at the forefront of sustainable innovation. With a meticulous nature and a keen eye for detail, Travis is a motivated leader known for his hands-on approach and strong entrepreneurial skills.


At MedTekk, Travis has been instrumental since 2020, steering the company through its development stages. He oversees operations, product development, compliance, sales, and marketing, bringing his extensive experience in operations management, problem-solving, and contract negotiations to the forefront. His commitment to accountability and availability has been a cornerstone of his success, always prioritizing the needs of employees and customers.


Travis's journey reflects a blend of entrepreneurial spirit, industry leadership, and a commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions.

bryan dowd

Operations Manager, MedTekk Inc.

Bryan Dowd, with his unwavering belief in determination and hard work, serves as the Operations Manager at MedTekk Inc. His career, marked by a constant pursuit of knowledge and skill enhancement, spans over two decades, combining hands-on construction and mechanical expertise with extensive management experience.


Bryan's professional journey began in the construction and real estate sectors, where he rapidly advanced from tradesman roles to project management. His ability to swiftly address both anticipated and unforeseen challenges has been a key factor in his career progression.


In March 2021, Bryan expanded his expertise to the preventive healthcare industry, joining MedTekk Inc. as Operations Manager. At MedTekk, he brings his rich experience in mechanical operations and his keen eye for detail to the forefront, significantly contributing to the company's design and manufacturing objectives. His role involves overseeing various aspects of MedTekk’s innovative product development, ensuring that each stage of the process aligns with the company's high standards and strategic goals.

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