How much can I save by using Reva instead of the canister wipes?

It is estimated that Reva’s wipe is 50% less per wipe than a traditional disinfectant canister wipe. The soft cost saving can be even greater when looking at the elimination of wasted wipes due to “dry-out” that is common with traditional wet wipes.

How does Reva reduce environmental impact?

Reduction in the manufacturing of fossil fuel based single-use plastic wipes by using a cellulose based wipe instead of a plastic based substrate which decomposes in weeks vs centuries for a plastic wipe to break down into microplastics.


Reduction in shipping by eliminating the need to ship “half-full” canisters that contain mostly water and air


Reduction in storage by using concentrates and wipe rolls that take up a fraction of the space of traditional canister wet-wipes.

What is the warranty for Reva?

Reva dispensers are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Can I use other type of wipes in Reva?

Reva’s proprietary blend of wipe is specifically formulated to serve the use of the Reva and is the only wipe available for use in the Reva.

What is the dimension of a dispensed wipe?

Reva’s wipe is 7” wide and 9” long, making it 50% larger than a traditional canister wet wipe.

Are there fluids that are not recommended to use in Reva?

Although almost any fluid may be used within the machine, it is important to follow the fluid manufacturers guidelines for use, application, and storage.  It is important to be sure the fluid you have chosen is compatible with the application method and the area/surfaces it is being used on.

How many ounces does the fluid reservoir hold?

Reva's, high-capacity, fluid reservoir holds 2 quarts or 64 ounces of fluid.

How many wipes will Reva dispense before it needs to be refilled?

With Reva's high-capacity wipe roll and 2 quart fluid reservoir, Reva is capable of dispensing up to 700 wipes before needing to replace the wipe roll or 500 wipes before refilling the reservoir.

How do I know when to refill my Reva?

The fluid reservoir can be monitored visually through the transparent lower cover.  For user convenience, Reva has a built-in wipe roll level monitor that will display a blinking light to show when it is time to have a new wipe roll ready for re-supply.

Are there locations that Reva is not recommended?

Reva is not constructed to withstand outdoor elements.  It is recommended that users follow fluid manufacturers guidelines for use and storage.

How long will batteries last?

Disposable, C size batteries will last up to 12,000 uses.

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