Reva Wipe Rolls 6-Pack Case


Reva brand proprietary wipes are engineered to work with your Reva system. Reva wipes are made with sustainable Virgin Plantation Grown and Rapidly Renewable Fibers. Reva wipes are PEFC Certified and LEED compliant. Wipes feature enhanced sheet embossing to provide greater strength.

Reva’s wipe is 7” wide and 9” long, making it 50% larger than a traditional canister wet wipe.

Reva is designed only to be compatible with genuine Reva wipe rolls.

  • 6 rolls per case
  • 700 wipes per roll

Reva Wipe Rolls 6-Pack Case



Experience effortless sanitation with Reva's single-hand operation design, ensuring ease of use and enhanced hygiene.


Embrace eco-friendliness with Reva's sustainable, non-plastic wipes, contributing to a healthier planet.


Maximize your budget with Reva's cost-effective solution, offering the lowest cost per wipe without compromising quality.

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Using the Reva system, you could save $0.00 every year over leading competitor brands.

Additionally, by using Reva, you would save 0.00 kg in CO2 emissions every year due to the biodegradability and absence of plastic in Reva's wipes.

How much can I save by using the Reva instead of the canister wipes?

It is estimated that Reva’s wipe is 50% less per wipe than a traditional disinfectant canister wipe. The soft cost saving can be even greater when looking at the elimination of wasted wipes due to “dry-out” that is common with traditional wet wipes.

How does the Reva reduce environmental impact?

Reduction in the manufacturing of fossil fuel based single-use plastic wipes by using a cellulose based wipe instead of a plastic based substrate which decomposes in weeks vs centuries for a plastic wipe to break down into microplastics.


Reduction in shipping by eliminating the need to ship “half-full” canisters that contain mostly water and air


Reduction in storage by using concentrates and wipe rolls that take up a fraction of the space of traditional canister wet-wipes.

What is the dimension of a dispensed wipe?

Reva’s wipe is 7” wide and 9” long, making it 50% larger than a traditional canister wet wipe.

How many wipes will the Reva Dispenser dispense before it needs to be refilled?

With Reva's high-capacity wipe roll and 2 quart, refillable, fluid reservoir, Reva is capable of dispensing up to 700 wipes before needing to replace the wipe roll or 500 wipes before refilling the reservoir.


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